Twist & Twist Perm: Our new Twist and Twist
perm is great for those "beachy" waves clients
are looking for these days! With the twist and
twist perm, it will gradually fade away in your hair
after 3-5 months, so you don't have to worry
about having to cut your perm off, you still have
your long hair! It also works great for short hair!
A great way to have a perm! Very conditioning for
your hair! Give us a call today for any questions
or to set up an appointment
2840 Pennsylvania Ave
Dubuque, IA 52001
Monday, Tuesday & Friday 7am - 5pm
Wednesday & Thursday 7am - 7pm
Saturday 7am - 2pm
* Fees vary depending on the designer
performing the service, hair length, and
condition of the hair.  Prices subject to
change without notice.
New Services:
Smoothie Keratin System:
Our revolutionary Smoothie Keratin infuses
keratin amino acids back into the hair's
cortex. By filling the cuticle and then sealing
it, hair is instantly rejuvenated, renewed and
restored from the inside out. Our amazing
new product will re-energize your hair, giving
it full body, more moisture, strength and
shine! All while controlling frizz and
smoothing hair to make it more manageable.
Stardust Beauty Salon
It is the hair cut that makes the difference,
without that there is no style...
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Our Designers are
American Board Certified Haircolorists;
The first in the Tri-State Area!
New Products:
John Amico’s Bio Complex Collection: It offers exceptional
results. It improves hair structure and strengthens while creating
volume. Hair will be left smooth and shiny while improving brush
ability. It is the newest breakthrough in hair reconstruction, direct
from Italy. It is rich in keratin-based ingredients, along with
essential oils, extracts, and lipids for enhanced results. It is a
complete rejuvenation treatment with biominoil biological minerals.
Come into the salon for a 20 minute deep conditioning treatment
and follow up with at home care with Steps 2, 3, 4, and 5!
Jalyd SS: It restructures hair, protecting it from the
heat.  It contains the presence of keratin, vitamin E,
and jojoba oil. These ingredients protect hair from
high heat temperatures along with its anti-frizz and
moisture-resistant ingredients. It strengthens and
helps to protect hair during straightening; it works
as a post treatment, with next generation silicones
and cationic conditioners that guarantee the
protection of the hair. It is a great product to use
after receiving a smoothie keratin treatment in the
salon. It will prolong the time in-between you
keratin treatments. This product is
John Amico's NEW Bio-Vita-Tin:
It is an advanced three-step process to
promote fuller, thicker-looking hair while
helping to stimulate new growth through the
infusion of vitamins. The vitamin-infused
shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in treatment
was developed exclusively by John Amico to
stimulate faster and thicker hair growth with
visible results in as little as one or two
months; aid in the B-vitamin deficiency that
can maifest as hair loss or dandruff; biotin is
also known to treat dermatitis, skin problems
and brittle nails. It also helps to detoxify the
scalp and renew the follicles and roots of
hair that is already growing. With healthier
roots and follicles, hair breakage is also
minimized allowing hair to grow longer.  
(Pictures coming soon)